It is possible to visit VET Project as a volunteer by participating in the Educational Development Programme. This programme, conducted by Bala , aims to promote better understanding of development and inter-cultural issues.

By placing volunteers on rural development projects, the Educational Development Programme hopes to ensure a deeper and more practical knowledge of development work and it's effect on rural Indian communities.

The objective is to provide people who are concerned about development issues, an unique opportunity to observe and experience the culture of rural India; study the problems of communities and gain an in-depth perspective of the myth and reality of 'third world poverty'.

The programme is not meant for 'helping the poor, under-developed people of India'. The Educational Development Programme is also not a activitycamp. The emphasis of the programme is not work but rather participation in ongoing project activities and community life. Work and activities are not organized especially for the volunteers.

Usually not more than two or three volunteers are sent to a particular project. A smaller number of volunteers enables better integration and interaction with the community and the project. It also ensures that the natural rhythm of the project is not disturbed.

The programme is open throughout the year. Those who wish to volunteer must apply at least a month in advance and arrive in Chennai for placement before the 5th of the month in which they join the programme. The minimum stay on a project is one month. One could also stay for two, three, four months or longer. Volunteers are sent to projects in the first week of every month. The programme is open to all nationalities.
If you wish to participate in the Education in Development Programme, please email at

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